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Monster Jam is designed to give you the behind the wheel experience
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The Monster Jam 1.0 game is designed to give you the behind the wheel experience of one of the most powerful and meanest and most destructive machines in the world known for its monster size the power that goes with it. In this game you can experience the crazy stunts the high adrenaline races destruction rampage. You can take part in freestyle competitions, stadium races and outdoor tracks. The package features some of the biggest names in monster trucking business. You can tour around the nine different stadiums in the monster jam tour. Enjoy the multiplayer feature to race with friends on split screen. The game lets you experience the real thing by giving you four wheel steering and turbo boost for the extra force to perform mid air stunts. There are twelve outdoor tracks to compete in outdoor environment and special tracks like the airport graveyard, shipyard dock, etc. Ride through school buses, trailers, yachts, loaded semi trailers, etc. You get to destroy your own truck too and also compete in the monster jam finals to become the monster jam world champion. The Monster Jam 1.0 package is a non stop action packed game for any user.

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